Rise To Beauty Queen Fame

Beauty its a sort of bloom on a woman. If you have it you dont need to have anything else; and if you dont have it, it doesnt matter what else you have.- George Brossin MereThe power of beauty was never made known to me until the day I figured I was one of the lucky women stranded outside when god showered beauty on his green earth. Its been said that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful. In my case, coming to terms with how blessed I was in the looks department was not merely self-realization.I was oblivious of my disarming charm that I thought I surmounted to nothing. Not blessed with that much brains and winning personality, there seemed to be no suiting profession for me. I figured it best to just assist my mom in her fashion design stint. All I had to do was tag along during her small-scale fashion shows, beauty pageants and other related events to carry garments, do last minute adjustments and the like. It was in one of those shows that I came to terms with my beauty.Mine was a typical story of discovery. I was approached by a talent scout and told me I had a distinct presence and had potential to become a model/beauty queen.And so began my rise to beauty queen fame. I was taught a whole range of beauty pageant musts that run the gamut from learning to walk in sky high heels to realizing the importance of inner beauty. Before I knew it, I was up for competition. After that first pageant, I had to be rushed to the nearest target="_blank" http://www.bakkechiroclinic.com/ - chiropractic clinic in Tacoma - . I flew off the stage during the mock pageant and the injury was that bad that I had to undergo target="_blank" http://www.bakkechiroclinic.com/ - Tacoma work injury rehab - for two weeks. All the while I thought I didnt fit into the beauty queen mold as I wasnt as skilled in moving about as my competitors walked around in ridiculously high heels as though theyre bare foot. To add to that, my target="_blank" http://www.bakkechiroclinic.com/ - chiropractor in Tacoma - advised me to take as much time to rest, meaning I had to miss out on rehearsals for my second pageant altogether.Luckily I healed fast and I was on my toes, literally, in time for the competition. I had to skip a few rehearsals, either way I was confident Ill be able to charm my way through. My confidence must have been that ground shaking that when I stepped on stage, I felt it slightly rumble. Not wanting to make an uncalled for pause, I continued walking. The slight trembling came to a complete stop and in one swift motion, the whole stage just collapsed.With the good number of target="_blank" http://www.bakkechiroclinic.com/ - Tacoma chiropractors - , Im sure to get good target="_blank" http://www.bakkechiroclinic.com/ - Tacoma auto injury rehab - . As George Brossin Mere said, beauty is the first present nature gives to women and the first it takes away. href='http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Rise-To-Beauty-Queen-Fame/1071387' - http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Rise-To-Beauty-Queen-Fame/1071387 -