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Across the entire operating system, applications and key technologies have been made better to trim electric battery usage wherever possible - so you get more electric battery life for the things you choose to do every day. Thanks to ambient proximity and light sensors, your iPhone knows whether it's facedown up for grabs and stops the display from turning on, when you receive a notification even. And the new Low Power mode lets you extend your - - battery life even further, noted Apple at WWDC 2015.Where you can buy: Once launched, you will probably start to see the new iPhone at the Cleveland-area Apple retail stores at Crocker Recreation area in Westlake and at Legacy Community in Lyndhurst. It'll be in all the phone carrier stores also, which means AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile stores. Of course you will discover the new iPhone at Best Buy, Target and walmart stores, too. Apple works hard to get their services into all the outlet stores at once plus they were successful last year at doing that. We be prepared to see the same success later this season in time for back-to-school and vacation buying.iPhone 5 review: iPhone 5 benchmarks and objective tests. Here's PC Advisor's definitive iPhone 5 review. Updated, june 2013 17.Battery life: The very best phones we reviewed from Apple's competitors, the Droid Maxx, for example, offered batteries with extended life. The iPhone 5 series has rather poor electric battery life with heavy use and it's really time for Apple to intensify to the club. As the leaks are not addressing - espiar whatsapp - battery life, we feel highly that iPhone must improve its battery and we're hoping to see something better with the 2014 release.A surprise announcement was the new Information app. That is right, the loathed Newsstand app has been shutter in favor of News. The new News application is like Flipboard kinda, but quite looking. With it you can make a custom magazine customized to your interest with content from major providers like The NY Times, Conde Nast, and more-in addition to smaller websites.But iOS 9 doesn't stop there. As typical it's got a huge amount of smaller features too. There's the new Records - - app, that allows you to make rich text notes filled with images and smart links. Gleam new Android Migration associate to make it easy for Android switchers to migrate over to iPhone. Another really nice feature will be the iCloud Drive app which allows you to gain access to any document you save to iCloud from just one single place - right on - - your Home screen. You can browse all your files by date, name, or any tags you added on your Macintosh. You can preview and organize your files without leaving the application also.