Review: K-2 Directed and performed by CTC Award Winners Adult Content and Extreme Coarse Language

The Langley Players have chosen to take on a production of incredible difficulty given the space it is produced in. The theatre is relatively small and intimate with a lower ceiling space than perhaps conventional theatre demands. Therefore, to produce a production requiring high altitude is a feat unto itself. Adding in the requirement for actual mountain climbing and repelling, and you get the idea of the lengths the team undertook for this production. K-2 is the Langley Players Festival Competition piece.Darren Chapel and Michael Q. Adams turn in rock solid performances, demonstrating high skill level in making the audience believe they are beyond freezing cold while sweating like maniacs from the climbing costumes illuminated under hot stage lighting. Darren is Taylor Brooks who is a District Attorney with a passion for mountain climbing and Michael is Harold Jamison who is a physicist and shares Taylors passion. The men have been best friends since childhood and know one another intimately, although out on this particular icy ledge, they manage to discover new nuances in each others personality. The central theme is the men's relationship with each other in an extreme environment against life-threatening choices.K-2 is directed by Shirley Clark, a CTC Award winner. She won the award in 2008 as best director for the Langley Players production The Boys Next Door. Shirley is proud to present K-2 which has seen runs around the world, including Broadway. She is thankful for all the support provided by those working behind the scenes, making the production possible.Darren Chapel and Michael Q. Adams are both CTC Award winners. Darren won his award in 2005 as Best Actor for his portrayal of Simple Minded Robert Castle in Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun as well as being nominated for best supporting actor in 2008 for his role Arnold in The Boys Next Door. Michael won best actor as Lucien in The Boys Next Door.A word of caution: Be sure to bring a sweater or something warm to wear. Between the sound of blowing wind, the vision of an iceberg coupled with the theatres cool temperatures all lend themselves to placing the audience within the plays environment.K-2 runs through to May 15th, 2010 at the Langley Players Theatre. There is an additional performance on May 26th at Surrey Little Theatre as part of the Fraser Valley - Kinky Carmen - Zone Festival. The festival itself runs May 23rd to May 28th.CTC = Community Theatre Coalition