Review: C.a. Cupid Eah Doll

The time when we declare to be the next generation of famous fairy tales, magically binding ourselves to our legendary stories. Dressed in our royally hexquisite Legacy fashions, each of us holds the key to our destiny. Our future has been written. Its waiting to be unlocked. This is just the first step towards our very own Once Upon a Time. Underneath that is what looks like a note stuck to the bottom of the invitation: WAIT a spell! Its time to flip the script! For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Review: Legacy Day Raven Queen EAH doll

One of my friends was very disappointed that his Cupids hair is so short and while Im not really mad about it, it is kinda stupid and frustrating since that was one of the things they made an obvious point to change about the character design from MH to EAH. My Cupids hair is a total mess, actually its not curly at all (which means itll become even shorter if I try to curl it to reproduce the look of the character art) and its gelled into two messy, crispy chunks (makes me think of Hagrid in Harry Potter XD). I will never understand why they put so much hair product on dolls that have no hairstyle to speak of. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Cupid wears a gold headband with a pink heart & arrow on top, a pink wrap-front dress, white & gold wings w/ necklace attachment, a bracelet, a ring, earrings, fishnet stockings, and gold shoes. She also comes with a bow & arrow and a quiver. The heart on her headband is sculpted to look like a laurel wreath . She also wears a laurel wreath bracelet: Or maybe its feathers? The same theme is continued on her belt as well: And speaking of feathers, her wings are pretty: The inside is glazed with a metallic gold thats meant to show off the sculpted feathers; its a little heavy-handed on mine though, which means it doesnt pick up quite as much detail as its supposed to; I know this is super picky of me, but Ive seen photos of dolls with nicely glazed wings and they look so much better to me. The wings dont really attach to her back they just kind of hang on with the arrow-shaped necklace. It seems to work pretty well, though personally Id have liked them to have a more solid attachment point, since they are supposed to be part of her body and all. Cupids other jewelry consists of a matching arrow-shaped ring: and some basic black heart-shaped stud earrings with a polka dot sort of texture: Both of those jewelry pieces are pretty meh the ring is a cute idea, but its hard to make out what its supposed to be, and the earrings are just a little boring. Her dress is super cute though the wrap front with the draped tulle overskirt and the little epaulet sleeves are nods to ancient roman dress and the skirt is printed with clouds, and heart-tipped arrows in metallic pink: Its great that theyre giving all the EAH dolls tights or leg coverings of some sort fashion dolls always have such long legs and it can be hard to get their clothes to cover their little plastic buns sometimes (Im looking at you Monster High). Slutty dolls are totally fine, but only as long as theyre not all forced into that sexualized mold by the clothes Mattel puts them in. EAH is great about keeping the characters pretty modest, probably because theyve had a lot of criticism about MH in that regard. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Review: C.A. Cupid EAH doll