Revelation Bible Prophecy - Muslim

They will have outrageous parties.

People will certainly betray their own friends and love pleasures rather than God. Many will forget about the Lord and become drunkards and also idol worshippers. The Holy Spirit is going to be refused by most everybody. They'll become religious instead of faithfuls. It's unfortunate that in these final days most everyone will not are aware of the Lord Jesus Christ. Revelation prophecy tells us their souls are going to be necessary in hell. The book of Revelation prophecies plainly inform us to stay away from these people.

You will need to invite all Muslims to learn the love of Christ. Everyone has a right to learn about the love associated with Jesus, His death, and His resurrection. It's very critical they do know that Jesus is the Son of God. Let's be sure to pray for all our Muslim friends hence the Holy Spirit can convict their own hearts. Our mission as Christians would be to carry the meaning of the passion for Christ to everyone we are able to.
In the last days we're warned that there will be a False Prophet. Hundreds of years after the Lord cautioned about this, Mohammad fulfilled those prophecies. With all of these types of crafted predictions coming true, it's hard to refute the reality and love of Christ. We all know that scripture is the inspired Word of God. It's to be used as the truth. Now that we know that every prediction has been satisfied up to this time. We're in the last days, therefore even more prophecies are coming true.

The Muslim prophet Mohammad is really the False Prophet from the Bible. Worship of a man is definitely idolatry. This is the case with all the Quran and Mohammad. Christ rose up from the deceased proving that He is the Son of God. Mohammad is actually deceased demonstrating that he was only a man. The Koran was written by ordinary men who weren't inspired by the one genuine God. The text of the Quran are simply words from a man. The only way to Heaven is through the sacrifice of Jesus.
The Bible states that the Mark is going to be associated with Islam and idolatry. Islam is genuine idolatry since it doesn't recognize our Lord and Savior Christ. The Islamic Quran blatantly claims that it thinks Jesus is not God. The Mark originates from the Islamic Shahada declaration of faith and also allegiance with Allah.

The actual Kaaba can be seen as the actual main part of the Islam custom. The actual false religion of the House of Allah is actually deceiving the people of the nation. The Holy Bible prophesied about this in the book of Zechariah. The actual prophet Zechariah said the Kaaba would be a wicked place when it had been constructed. They don't believe that Jesus was crucified and rose on the 3rd day and that's why they should be told the truth.

The Lord and Savior Christ is the way the truth and the life. It is simply via Christ that we may receive the Kingdom of God in Heaven.