Rethink Traditional Investing Strategies

Gold IRA Guide Releases New Article Urging Investors to Add Gold as Part of Retirement Strategy

Reverse glide path retirement . Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates did some rigorous research testing the typical glide path approach of more stock investments when you are younger and tapering as you age, ending at retirement with more bonds than stocks. He compared the typical glide path with the reverse: holding more bonds when young and reversing so that upon retirement, the stock portion of the investors portfolio is greater than the bond percentage. This reverse approach tested the success of a different idea: At the end of your working life, you might actually have more assets if you start out with a larger allocation to bonds and gradually decrease the bond investments and increase stock investments as you approach retirement. Doesnt this approach sound destined to fail? It does not intuitively make sense. Yet, check out the results of this empirical investigation.

At the market bottom in 2009, it hit its lowest point in decades. This isnt cherry-picking. Studies confirm Cape has been one of the best predictors of long-term stock returns over the last century. London-based strategist Niels Jensen of Absolute Return Partners, bearish for most of the last decade, was pounding the table for European stocks in late 2011 due to low Cape readings. Twenty-year returns average 13.4 per cent when Cape readings are at their lowest, he noted, compared to 3.2 per cent when at their highest.

Best investment strategies are those backed up by evidence of success

"Nowadays, you need exposure to investments that will do well in nearly any economic environment recession, recovery, inflation, deflation, or even financial crisis." In a time of enormous government debt, an unstable world economy, manipulated low interest rates, and an exploding cash money supply, traditional retirement options no longer provide the safety and return that investors want or need from their retirement funds. Gold and other precious metals are being valued as the only commodities that can outlast financial collapse; billionaires Thomas Kaplan, John Paulson, Seth Klarman, and many more have already invested significant funds in gold. According to Gold IRA Guide, perhaps one of the most practical reasons to invest in gold for retirement is the fact that in today's economy, anyone with money in traditional savings or IRA plans is losing. Estimating a current rate of inflation of 4 percent, Gold IRA Guide states that just to maintain their investment, investors need to receive at least a 4 percent return. In today's market, there are no bonds or CDs available to yield this type of return that would be considered safe. Gold and other precious metals become an increasingly attractive choice because there exist simply no other options that provide any return. With the threat of bond investing currency devaluation looming and an increasing national debt, Gold IRA Guide urges investors to consider investing in gold for retirement.