Resolutions and rambling..

Well as you probably already know CB is home now.. I couldn't be happier.. Well alright, I could be but can't we all? LOL  His drinking has been minimal as in twice since he's been home.. and he came home on the 17th. And considering he was drinking every single night and getting wasted that's a great improvement. We've sunk back into our "regular" routine of him playing video games while I do something different.. Me cooking all the time... I'm not complaining really not too much anyway... Just wish he'd get some Oomph and help out.. But we'll see.. He isn't working yet.. He called his boss a few days after he got home and worked it out so he could go back after the 1st of the year.. He's on probation but not supervised not being monitored at all.. As long as he gets in zero trouble between now and 2012 he's done with DOC and courts.. I don't know the last time he could say that.. His attorney's receptionist told him he should stick with me, because I really care about him and was working diligently to get him home (I think I called her 20 times in the last month he was locked up) trying to get things done and done right. I'm just really happy to have him home.. Everynight I go to bed he's there next to me. Just the way it should be.  Ok.. Now onto my resolutions.. (This part really is for me to check back and track anywhere I'm starting to fall... keep reading if you want.. LOL) 1. Work out at least 30 minutes a day and aim for an hour 30am and 30pm2. Walk at the lake if weather permits 3. Eat healthier and watch portion control STOP GOING FOR SECONDS!!!4. Work on my blanket5. Keep going through the house and organizing until I think it's done6. SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE  7. (which should be 1.) Thank God everyday for the blessings I have in my life and pray that family and friends are able to find the peace I finally am experiencing.  That's it.. No wait one more.. GET GRANNY'S GRAVEMARKER THIS YEAR!!!!Now I'm done..