Researching my options

I started this journey thinking I would have the lapband surgery since it was reversible and my husband could buy in to that treatment. When we went to the seminar, we found out sleeve gastrectomy was maybe a good choice. Then I found out that sometimes GERD gets worse with a sleeve gastrectomy. NOT good! So I have at least opened my mind to the gastic bypass (roun 7???). My husband is on his way to accepting the sleeve but  says absolutely no to the roun Y. More research is in order. I can't meet with the surgeon until I have completed at least 6 visits with nutrition and 3 visits with behavioral health.  I am ready to do something. I have so much back, hip and knee pain. My life has been really curtailed because of the pain.  So, here we go. I have my 2nd nutrition appointment tomorrow.