Research and Markets: Mobile Adult Subscriptions, Downloads, Video Chat and Text-Based Services 2008

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets( has announced the addition of the "Mobile Adult Subscriptions, Downloads, Video Chat and Text-Based Services 2008-2013 -Fifth Edition-" report to their offering. This highly anticipated fifth edition mobile adult report explores the key drivers to the market including increases in mobile internet adoption and digital distribution, improved handset UI (user interfaces) and more favourable operator attitudes to adult content. The report includes six year regional forecasts on text based mobile adult services, as well as one off downloads of mobile adult content, subscription services to mobile adult content and mobile adult video chat services. Each forecast is split by user numbers, levels of usage, average service pricing and total service revenue. The report also includes an analysis of billing models e.g. credit card billing and operator billing and features case studies of portal based adult services as well as a number of key hurdles to deployment and monetisation including service localisation and the issue of freely available online adult content. The global market for adult content is vast. It is estimated that, by 2006 (latest available - Smoke 4 You - data), this market - for books, magazines, strip clubs, toys, films, DVDs, telephony and online content - was close to $100 billion. Indeed, whenever a visual (and in some cases audible) media began to establish itself, adult material was usually one of the most popular and lucrative products on offer, serving both as a key revenue driver and in some cases (this is certainly true of the Internet) as a means of popularising that particular medium per se. This was certainly the case with mobile entertainment. While ringtones were the first service which generated substantial revenues, off-portal adult services - initially basic graphics and text-based services, followed by photographs and short videoclips delivered via MMS - were so successful in the markets where such content was legally available that the operators (at first severally and then in greater numbers) started to offer content on their portals, albeit managed by third-parties. And the content has become yet more sophisticated: the arrival of 3G has brought streamed video services and, most recently, one-to-one video chat. Types of Mobile Adult Content: Much of the mobile content that is currently offered to subscribers can be modified in order to make it adult in nature. This has led to the emergence of a variety of forms of adult content that include SMSbased services such as jokes, dating and chatting, video streaming services, video chatting, video clips, pictures, moantones and games. Text-based Adult Services: SMS chatting is a prominent adult service available across the world and two-way chatting has added to its lure. In SMS chatting, subscribers can chat with models and celebrities by sending a premium rate SMS to them. This is the least technically demanding of adult applications and can be accessed from most 2G phones. While such services are gradually being supplanted by more sophisticated offerings, there is still is substantial market for them, particularly in emerging countries where 2.5G and 3G adoption is lower. Even in developed markets such as the UK, numerous services are still available. Key questions the report answers: What are the key drivers of mobile adult services? What are the prospects for video chat services on the mobile? In which markets have mobile adult services been most successful thus far? Which players in the mobile adult value chain generate the largest shares of revenue? Who are the leading players in the mobile adult industry? How much are mobile adult services worth in 2008, and how much will they be worth in 2013? Which billing methods and business models are most prevalent in the mobile adult industry? How have operator attitudes to mobile adult content changed in recent years? Author: Dr Windsor Holden is the Principal Analyst with Juniper Research. He is responsible for developing Juniper Research's report portfolio and designing a forthcoming range of market intelligence services focusing on the mobile content market. Dr Holden has written extensively on mobile content, emerging telecoms markets and digital TV. He is also a regular conference speaker and a former Research Fellow of the Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds. Companies Mentioned: 3000H/Enquire 3UK Apple Bango Beate Uhse AG Cherrysauce DisplayBoy Carmunity Elisa Fonestarz Hotfon/ playfon K-Beech Lechill Mobile Minick Mobival MP Media Nokia O2 Orange Penthouse Phonebox Entertainment Sport Media Group Stealthnet Sunrise Swisscom Telefonica Vivid Entertainment Group Vodafone Voooyeur Waat Wnedia Xobia For more information visit