Reporting In

Hi everyone. Warning: A male is writing this post. I have an irrelevant sense of humor. As a rape victim myself, I take this topic very seriously.  I just wanted to identify my gender as a courtesy.  I have noticed that some are uncomfortable with me on the site.  It is not my intention to bother anyone, in any way.  It is my intention to make friends, and talk to people that will understand.  I find it hard to explain that being one myself, I HATE men.  I can not stand to be around them, or be touched by them.  Having said this, I will understand if some of you close your sites to me. A site like this should be a safe haven, not a place to worry about.  I do understand why men are not liked or trusted.  They are my own gender, but generally haven't done my many favors.  I would ask for a chance to be a friend of the group. Widower1.