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"With all respect for what the ladies have done,discount toms shoes and they've done it fantastically well, you can't compare men's and women's football. Give it up, it's not even funny," the Paris Saint Germain striker said in an interview with the Expressen newspaper published on Wednesday."Whentoms shoes for kidscome out in Europe they compare me to (Lionel) Messi and (Cristiano) Ronaldo. When I come home they compare me to a female player."With all respect for the ladies, they should be rewarded in relation to what toms shoes outlet generate (financially)."I was asked (by Swedish media) in the summer who was the better player, me or (Sweden striker) Lotta Schelin."You're joking with me, right? When I've broken all these records, this goal record, the goals in the national team,replica toms shoes who shall I compare it to? Shall I compare it to whoever has the record, or the ladies?"