Removing Algae from Boats

Algae growing on the hull of your boat not only mars the boat's appearance, but it can also impact your boat's performance negatively. Algae are microscopic aquatic plants that live in water and feed on sunlight. They like to cling to solid surfaces, such as boat hulls, to help them reach more light.If you've got a green hull and need help, the experts over at Bass Pro, have a few tips for removing algae. If one of these methods below doesn't work, move on to the next one. Or try a combination. You'll soon have your boat looking brand new again.Algae cling to the surface of your boat's hull and start to colonize that location. One of the simplest and easiest things you can do to help prevent algae buildup is by rinsing off your boat after use. This method is useful for when you are storing your boat in an off-water location such as a storage space or warehouse.Once the boat is on the trailer and out of the water, attach a spray head to a garden hose connected to a clean, fresh water supply and spray the hull thoroughly.There are a number of marine hull and pontoon cleaners out there on the market specifically formulated for removing algae and other pests from your boat's hull. You can purchase aluminum cleaners for use on aluminum hulled boats and pontoons, as well as cleaners for fiberglass hulls. Although there are a wide variety of chemicals, the application is more or less the same: apply them to the surface of the hull, wait a specified amount of time, then wipe or scrub the algae off with a nylon brush. Follow up the treatment with a rinse from a fresh water supply.For removing those stubborn algae stains, you can try a plastic putty knife. These are typically used in drywalling. Purchase the plastic type, and not the metal type, which can damage the hull. Simply scrape the putty knife gently across the surface of the hull, removing any algae growth and buildup. Follow with a standard hull treatment and then a rinse with fresh water.Finally, a power washer can be a big help in cleaning a boat. Mix up the power washing fluid according to instructions and spray the algae off the hull. Take care not to use too high a setting with the power washer to avoid damage to the hull.Once you're done removing the algae from your boat, try one of the above steps regularly to keep it clean and free of the dreaded green tint throughout the year.