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In a noisy construction area, bent underneath a sink, Barbara Cochran forgets about the hardhat.
She sometimes leaves it on after she gets off work, uses it during the drive back to her Maple Hillside house as well as remembers it only when she slides out of the motorist's seat and also bumps her head.
After that she rejoices she still has it on.
"Security initially," she said with a smile mounted by pigtails in strict braids.
Beneath the 22-year-old's helmet is one of the few women in the career.
Cochran is in her very first year of a plumbing system apprenticeship with Daytona State College.
She's presently working five days a week on the Daytona Increasing project at Daytona International Speedway where she invests her time setting up fixtures, laying pipes, soldering water lines, as well as often going to get a ladder due to the fact that, at only 5 feet, she's as well short to get to certain areas.
She is - - bordered by water pipes, sinks, devices and also guys. Lots of males.
Of the almost 800 building employees presently at the Speedway, regarding 15 are ladies. Cochran is the only female plumbing contractor in the lot.
In 2014, the Bureau of Work Surveys stated 9.8 million people operating in the building sector. Of - - these, 872,000 of them, about 9 percent, were women. Women are less stood for in the plumbing occupation-- just 1.1 percent, according to 2013 data from the Labor Bureau.