Released From Captivity: Bowe Bergdahl Will Have To Acclimate Himself After Being Held Prisoner - U.

This will entail unlearning coping mechanisms, which can interfere with return to normal life, such as the freedom to make simple personal decisions. Light up the darkness -- by going here -- "We see [POWs] as a normal, healthy person who underwent an abnormal event by relying on coping skills and resilience," Col. Bradley Poppen, an Army psychologist, says. "Our goal is to help them understand that the coping skills they used in captivity, although functional in that environment, may not be functional now." Phase III for Bergdahl began last week when he was flown from a U.S. military hospital in Germany to Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. "He appeared as any sergeant would with a two-star general - a little nervous," Maj.