RELAXING MUSIC & Music Therapy

The most relaxing music is easy to find if one knows where to look. I found several relaxing albums that can end up being downloaded at ContiMusic Relaxing Background Music, New Age, Sleep Music, Music for massage studios, or for spas.

These types of music albums are royalty free and can be used inside of private and commercial purposes. ContiMusic provides relaxing EMDR music, bilateral stimulation and brainwave albums which have shown to end up being effective to the listener. Those relaxing music albums for download are each a handful of hours in length and can easily be used for meditation music and yoga practices as well.


I remember ContiMusic back in 2007 when they were the first to supply EMDR music to a public audience. I dropped immediately in love with their tracks,"Camping On The Creek" and "Piano On The Beach" which are still today, a prime instance of relaxing music that is simple and very effective. Still today, many psychologists, especially inside the EMDR field, use their own music within periods and waiting rooms due to the fact, music is something people are used to, can connect to and the fact that relaxing music is very comfortable to pay attention to to begin with, customers with PTSD enjoy the simple form of EMDR bilateral excitement.


Overall, I can sincerely recommend giving these albums a pay attention right in the ContiMusic website. I approached one of the owners, Ben Conti, and he advised me that, "...right now there are many and numerous more albums to come", and that the library is being continuously updated. All of their music is copyright free and royalty free and can end up being used in a variety of commercial or private ways, thus for video projects, voiceovers, wellness studios, massage studios or even in your private life when you need a stress break. In case you wonder which album I particularly suggest seeking out first - it is called, "Sound Therapy For The Senses", summed up, very relaxing music with numerous music therapy techniques included. Thank you Tom and Chris Conti for composing such treasures and say thanks to you for ContiMusic!

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