Reinforce positivity

Hi,I'm waiting for the dreaded email to tell me my job is off.. My boss will reply to me today, Since i cudn't report on time,  "courtesy: immigration department".God, I slogged for one whole year over this job.What all I can do now>1.Start applying for new jobs: Difficulties: i)cannot give an interview from here.ii) again might end up with immigration problems but less likely if I'm offered a job, i have grown wiser to deal with immigration hassles.iii)money issues: can't help, but if i land up with a good job, i can repay all the amount fast.advantages: i)Good references from previous job,ii) can utilise this time to sharpen skills..shud find good institutes to work with here.God Bless me here in this part,, provide me with good opportunities. There are good jobs out there, I'm being deprived. God help me. 2. God help me, my boy friend needs to make up his mind to stand by me against wishes of his parents. Needs miracles to  happen. Give me strength.