Reiki & Pure Source Energy Healing

Energy work is a method of alternative healing that works on the basis that the body is surrounded by an energy field and that this can be manipulated with certain actions. Practitioner becomes connected with his/her own higher vibrational parts of self, which are more loving, intelligent and conscious, more Divine, more perfect; changing the consciousness - Earth Healing Energy - to the more healthier level naturally acures while sending healing energies. Our Earth is a Goddess at the Spiritual level, who is in charge of all Life on this planet.
Water doesn't provide energy, but lack of water is a surefire way to lose energy because it's needed to transport nutrients and produce energy. Photon energy is a much higher frequency energy that pulls up the lower emotional frequency so it can calibrate to the higher frequency.... thus we find ourselves releasing these lower emotions of sadness and grief without knowing why. The next section on Energy and Spirituality invites you to explore these questions. That square grid is still in place but another energy pattern has opened up that is redirecting MotherEarth's energy. Our bodies contain seven chakras, or energy sources, which connect to different aspects of healing in the body.
All services I provide are alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State of California, and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological care. You can energize your connection to the Web of Life by sending a rainbow or a positive thought of love out through your center to all of the creature beings you have extended an energy connection with today, or the entire Web of Life. It is envisioned that the centers will provide available short- and long-term housing and meals and large indoor and outdoor sacred areas, and provide a high spiritual energy environment comfortable for world spiritual healing and teaching events in the United States.
Dr. Phil had mentioned that using a blue light at bedtime helps to calm children to sleep and relax and has been used to calm children with Attention Deficit Disorder. It is not essential to graduate from a class in order to effectively work with energy for healing and manifesting. Example: if the root cause of the sickness is implanted during a person's childhood day, he can mentally visualize those early years and perform healing on the image of the person in those era. Energy flows through all Acupunture meridians, every cell and atom can feel that energy, and get impulse for balance and self-healing. For centuries, it has been used in folk medicine as well as in religious and healing rituals.
There was a time when I was into this and the other forms I have tried are crystal healing and dance therapy. Walk barefoot outdoors whenever possible and/or sleep, work, or relax indoors in contact with conductive sheets or mats that transfer the energy to your body in the comfort of your home or office when it suits you. For the purpose of healing on a full body level, this paradigm can be more useful and effective than thinking that our consciousness is only housed in our brain.
During the Reiki attunement process, the person being initiated will have their vibrational energy level raised which will give them clearer access to the healing energies. Imagine the light filling your solar plexus then moving down your spine through your root chakra and into the earth. Its not impossible, but unlikely, as you are working on grounding yourself with Mother Earth and she knows this.
Spiritual prayer from the heart is important to connect us to the Divine source of life force energy and our higher selves and to elevate our hearts and souls over our egos. Whenever you begin to see multiple references in a reading, you are getting a good hit on the validity of its patterns of energy. Calls us to find ways of making energy available to human beings who need it for survival.