Reasons To Install Geo Thermal Heat Pump in Islip and Southampton

Though the initial cost is a bit higher, it is really worth installing geothermal heat pump. In fact, reviewing the following benefits may make the homeowners think of this amazing system to be a must-have when it comes to upgrading their existing HVAC.

Combination of high efficiency and low operational cost – at times and in certain scenario, the geothermal heat pump may perform at a 6:1 ratio ensuring release of 6 times the heat for each 1 unit of electricity used. So it would be good to choose an Energy Star rated geo thermal in Islip and Southampton, not only to save energy and thus energy bill, but also earn tax credit and enjoy low purchase cost.

  • Safety – Instead of flammable fossil fuel energy, geothermal heat pumps (GHP) utilize free, underground, renewable energy. And this ensures better safety for a house without releasing any toxic fume, or combustion gas. It also reduces the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and/or any sort of explosions. Geothermal heat pumps are absolutely safe to use.

  • Durability – While a regular heating system lasts around 13 -15 years, a geothermal heat pump lasts usually more than 20 years. The underground looping components may last even up to 50 years. With longer life, GHP ensures better return on investment.

  • Quiet – The installation of geothermal heat pump hardly makes any irritating, disrupting noise unlike other similar systems. However, be it air conditioning in Riverhead and Sag Harbor or GHP, installation of such sophisticated systems must be done by a reputed professional skilled in repair, maintenance and installation of respective systems.

  • ComfortWhen it comes to geothermal heat pump, there are a number of comfort-related benefits that the homeowners can enjoy. Optimal dehumidification and air purification are the major derived benefits of installing a GHP, with regard to comfort. As GHPs don’t need any influx of outdoor air ventilation in order to supply energy, exposure to outside pollutants is much less with GHPs. The continuous yet low cycling of air handler ensures perfect dehumidification level in the home, always. Moreover, it ensures uniform distribution of hot as well as cold air while enhancing home comfort eliminating typical hot and cold zones that occupants of the home used to face with typical forced-air systems.

  • Environment-friendly – Since it doesn’t require burning fossil fuel to keep the geothermal heat pumps operational, they consume little quantity of electricity to power the heat pump to move heat energy into as well as out of the home. This ensures their environment friendliness. By using the free, renewable underground energy, they leave little to no negative impact on the planet.

  • Water savings – Energy savings by means of installing GHPs can be enhanced even more by simply adding a desuperheater to the heat pump. This special component comes really handy to take additional energy available during summer (ground is then used as a heat sink) to heat water for the home.

These are just a few of many amazing benefits of geothermal heat pumps. There might be more that also can encourage homeowners installing such a system.