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The following news story could have been a chapter out of The Gangs of New York, were it filmed today ... Except in contemporary New York City, or in other words through the bridge in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, the gang is of your slightly unexpected variety, and also the story comes with a unfortunate, if predictable twist.
Tattoos are permanent. Hence ring tattoo means stability. Different people take it in different way. A band is really a symbol of love and promise, since it will give you a sense of responsibility and commitment. You carry that symbol in your body for years. It is mark of truth and belief around the relationship. Both couple will not forget this. You can make a mark of the love in this manner. In these days it's very trendy to get a tattoo instead of a conventional a wedding ring.

The trend of massive commercialization of Indian cinema continued in 1980s and 1990s. Numerous movies in 1980s like Maine Pyar Kiya, Kayamat se Kayamat Tak, and Tezaab, and films in 1990s such as Baazigar and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge were young love stories and proceeded being great hits. These mushy romantics were mostly love stories of lovers who find yourself living happily ever after. Some of these romantic movies were big hits and broke box office records.

The word given to me to sum up basically said, "You know your identiity. It is Me which team you should serve. You seek Me and you seek only Me. You are under the shadow of My hand and absolutely nothing shall befall you. You go simple, straight ahead and seek only Me. Look to Me because your Source says the Lord. You will be deliver to and possess welfare not calamity. You are not to be concerned. I will direct and move you in to the way you happen to be to visit. But you seek Me and search to Me saith God. "

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