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There is a ton of data in this survey. Real estate has been from the the majority of notable in 27%. - - Cash investments (savings accounts, CDs, etc) held the 2nd place at 23%.The stock market arrived at 17%.Precious metals were from 14%.Bonds had been farther down from 5%.8% didn't such as any of the particular choices, along with 7% was lacking an answer.Job security: 22% associated with respondents really feel a lot more secure in their work opportunities this year over final year. This specific was a small drop in the June results for you to July.oNew workers expressed more safety in their jobs when compared with older workers in the other end of their careers.oRepublicans were 3 x much less more likely to feel secure in their work compared to Democrats.oLower earnings workers felt much more secure as compared to workers earning closer for the median wage.Savings: 29% say they're less comfortable using their degree of savings than these were last year.oCollege graduates are generally more from ease using their savings amounts as compared to people who possess never attended college.o34% involving Republicans had been much less comfortable using their personal savings than final year, although this was accurate for only 22% involving Democrats.oPeople surviving in urban locations had been doubly likely to feel safe with their cost savings as those residing in rural areas. That They were requested what they considered the particular very best investment vehicle regarding cash they could - Dean Graziosi - tie up regarding 10 years or even longer.. Amount associated with Debt: Survey respondents had been asked concerning their particular convenience level with their credit card debt this season compared for you to last.oLower earnings households were more than two occasions as prone to state uncomfortable using their credit card debt degree as those invoved with higher salary brackets.oIn the particular Midwest, 31% associated with respondents felt more from ease using their debt, yet simply 19% within the Northeast mentioned the actual same.o32% of regular workers are generally much more comfortable making use involving their debt, whilst merely 18% associated with unemployed stating your same.Overall Economic Situation: The Actual survey individuals had been requested the way they really feel this season with regards to their own general financial situation compared to end up being able to final year.o33% involving men really feel far better in contrast to 25% involving women.o38% of Democrats really feel much better with regards to their own all round economic condition this season compared to be able to 27% of Republicans.o25% associated with individuals who in no way attended university felt even worse with regards to their particular situation in comparison for you to 15% of school graduates.I'm actually happy to notice these results, and also I hope which I've assisted new investors to recognize your potential and acquire involved in property investing. href='' - - That's all interesting, but let's get as to end up being able to the grabbed my attention. It's certainly not exactly about property as an investment, yet a lot more about how today's Americans view their own personal financial circumstances as well as their plans for your near future.According to some survey via, Americans' number one selection for investing will be real estate. Here are the outcomes involving what survey respondents considered as good investments. Although they're overall even - Dean Graziosi - now worried with regards to jobs and in addition the economy, your survey respondents mostly be ok with their own private finances