Re-create 'raiders Of The Lost Ark' With A Face-melting Toht Candle

As the flame burns, the wax face of ruthless Nazi Major Arnold Toht slowly melts off, reports Gizmodo. Recreate "Raiders'" goriest scene with a melting Nazi candle Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) November 19, 2014 In Steven Spielbergs 1981 movie classic, Major Toht, a sinister SS agent, tries to recover the Ark of the Covenant. But he is ultimately thwarted during an excruciatingly gruesome scene where his face oozes off amid blood-curdling screams in one of the worlds most-famous movie deaths. Just light the wick to set the glorious melting process in motion theres no need to seek out the Ark of the Covenant and unceremoniously release its supernatural powers, the candles creators Firebox say on their website. At $31.29, the Major Toht candle comes complete with a black jacket, fedora and glasses. visit