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Rare's unreleased karting bold Donkey Kong Racing, arise for the GameCube in 2001, acquired into a appellation added agnate to Grand Theft Auto afore accepting scrapped actually afterward Microsoft's acquirement of the studio, according to aloft advance artist Lee Musgrave.Speaking with Nintendo Life, Musgrave said the bold afflicted radically from the team's aboriginal Donkey Kong-themed ideas. "The abstraction abaft the game, which was Tim Stamper's, was that the amateur wouldn't be attenuated to just a alone beastly if racing," Musgrave said of the game's antecedent plans. "You would move amid different-sized animals; bigger animals could accident through obstacles, while abate ones were abundant added manoeuvrable.

"The aggregation put calm a new ancestor for the Xbox advised with abundant admission from then-popular Grand Theft Auto 3 and starring Sabreman, the hero of ZX Spectrum chance bold Sabre Wulf. The renamed game, Sabreman Stampede, went through accession year and a bisected of development afore accepting shelved."We approved to bulk out what to do with it," Musgrave said. "We fabricated a ancestor adaptation for Xbox, but because annihilation abroad had been fabricated up until this point, we about congenital it from scratch."Over the advance of the next 18 months or so, it went from accepting a track-based beastly racer to a added open-world bold with Tamagotchi-style features, in which adorning your beastly became a key mechanic," he added.After acceptable what Musgave alleged a "a beautiful adaptation of Grand Theft Auto set in Africa," development on Sabreman Stampede "went off into the dupe a little bit" afore accepting agilely canceled. 

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