Rally DX3 LED Fog Lights

DDM's HID Package For Sequoias Archive
Introducing the brightest fog light for its size! The Rally DX3 LED Fog Lights are built to ship an intense, huge elliptical light beam straight in entrance of your automobile. The Rally DX3 LED Fog Lights have a very unique design, but it's not all for show! It's designed to significantly dissipate the warmth generated by the LEDs. It could not be possible to offer such vivid lighting without particular cooling, and that's what we now have completed here. With aluminum fins surrounding the unit, warmth is easily spread out, and the LEDs are cooled.
I ordered my lights last week. I have since received 9 9! emails saying my lights are being delayed up to 4 weeks! I have been attempting to get a hold of somebody at DDM on the phone for the previous 3 days. I've sat on maintain whereas working at my computer for over an hour. Their 'live chat assist href='https://pcnitrous.com/ ' - https://pcnitrous.com/ - ' is at present offline. I am sorry for the rant, however this is BS. I've a couple friends ready to see these lights to decide if they want them. DDM does not appear like it will likely be of their future.
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Quite a couple of members have given positive critiques for the HID package from DDM Tuning and it appears like a couple of Sequoia's listed here are making the swap too. As a substitute of getting OKstate's led thread hijacked, lets preserve all HID information here. I know DX3 has the package put in on his and possibly just a few others shopping for them quickly too. I am bored and I have to entertain myself so I figured the best way can be to pamper my child. I too am seeking to make the leap to HID's. But a $100 for two hid kits for headlights & foglights, thats a pretty whole lot.