Rain On The Roof

I should hire myself out as an alarm clock.  5 a.m. and  BOING!!!!!!  Here I am.  At least my dogs and cats like having me up in the wee hours.
Last visit to the old house yesterday.  Got the things I know I need and left the rest.  My panic is down to very anxious this morning so maybe going in there exorcised some demons.  I found what was left of an old bottle of Crown Royal, downed it and tossed the bottle in the recycling.  A toast to the past?
I'll have to go back to Dearborn again though.  Turns out I have another skin cancer.  This one an invasive squamous cell carcinoma.  Not as bad as melanoma, THANK GOD!, but it's small, deep, and quick growing.  And it's right on my left cheek.  Shit.
So I'm going to a hospital near Detroit where they specialize in MOHS surgery.  One day, in and out.  Not ready to go back yet, but sure don't want this thing to get any bigger.  Just like a teeny, small pimple right now.  I want to keep it that way. until it's gone.  And I had a good visit with my brother.  I think he may be starting to get me.
And I had it out with the moving company.  Might be getting some money back, but i won't hold my breath.  They know that I WILL sue them.  And a friend is doing a lovely Youtube video about my experience with them.  So anyone who googles that company will have the video among their search results.  That will stay on until I get satisfaction.  Oh, and a formal letter with photographs for back up will go to the BBB.
So, I was too tired to unload the car yesterday, and now it's raining cats and dogs.  The snow is almost gone, and it's supposed to freeze again tomorrow and more snow.  So, the things in the car will keep until I can get them out.  At least it's all here.  Well, mostly.  My brother will be driving up in a few weeks with my rocking chair, my computer desk, a few other things, and my mom's ashes.  I couldn't fit her urn (birdbath) in my car.  She's safe with Tim.  She'll have another Christmas in Dearborn.  And maybe this will be good for me. somehow.  I still want her here with me though..
So, no crying today.  Yet.  Have I turned a corner?  I've been through these times before and there comes a point where your body says, ok - that's enough for now. We need a break.
If I can go back to sleep, I may just try to catch up, relax, and leave the unpacking/cleaning for later.