Raffaele Sardella

https://www.zotero.org/groups/nic8pen418 holds an Industrial Engineering Degree from the Universidad Católica in Argentina as well as a number of professional development courses at SDA Bocconi Milano and at the Universtity of California, Berkeley, among others.

He is a professional with more than 35 years of experience in operational and management positions. He has a vast experience including more than a dozen regional and national projects. He was the Managing Director of SIDECO, a company belonging to the Macri Group. He has also held relevant positions in other key companies in Argentina, Italy, Brazil and Peru. Raffaele is Director of LITSA, Autopistas del Sol and of the main Engineering companies of the Macri Group. Between 1997 and 2010 he was the Managing Director of Correo Argentino, which was renamed to Correo Oficial de la Republica de Argentina.

Since December 2015 Raffaele has been the CEO of Aguas Bonaerenses SA, the second largest water utility in Argentina. It provides drinking water and wastewater treatment services to approximately 4 million inhabitants in the Province of Buenos Aires, which has an extension of 307,571 km².