Well, I had stuff all out to throw in the car and had a sitter for my plants and cat, and then came down with a serious urinary tract infection on Sat.  Good thing that was just before we left; I could not have traveled with that going on.  had to have pain meds and anti-nausea meds; what a mess.
I am better today; in that spot where I'm bored with hanging around but not well enough to do anything yet.
Felt bad for husband but he consoled himself with buying a new Camry.  He hasn't allowed himself a brand-new car in many years.  Hardly any bells and whistles; he wouldn't go that far.
Looking forward to driving to Montana in it maybe in a week.  It is a comfortable ride and his mini-van had 155,000 miles on it, and he didn't like to ride far in my Corolla.
So we gave the mini-van to addicted son, who fell all over himself, he was so grateful to have it.  This from a kid who only loved BMW sport models, etc, in his heyday (not that he had any of those).



I\'m so sorry you missed out on your trip and OF COURSE your UTI but ~ wow.... you are very lucky you caught it before. THAT would have been awful! I am so glad you\'re feeling better. I had one years and years ago and took Bactrim for it. Discovered I was allergic to it so I\'m always reminded of it when having medical procedures (like the most recent) because the staff always asked what I\'m allergic to. Anyway - glad you have another trip to look forward to! Good for you for making the most out of life!