Quick Thoughts on Community

I've realized that I do best in groups/community; known that for a while now.  i am grateful for a cyper-community here as well.
in addition to my 12-Step community, I am on the board of my condo community.  I had worked on the landscaping committee, and they had a board vacancy, so I am a relatively new member. There are 90 units in our association, and the usual issues, the main one being money/budget.  And a couple who can't do anything without involving lawyers and the "law" of our Rules & Regs as they see it.
We met Wed. night, and I hadn't been to a board mtg before; feared that it would be a whine and wail session around these folks, and while and wail around money.  Well, we had an attorney advise us on whether to take over abandoned units as landlords, and what that all entails.  Too complex.  We ended up backing off that idea. But my hat's off to the atty who takes on such detailed work.  And as for the issue about the couple, we had earlier, via email, pretty much come to a consensus that they had used enough of the board's, management's, lawyer's time and money, and now they coud sue for what they think they must have.  That way we no longer need to tie up our energy around that.  A sound decision made together with very little wailing involved.
There were other issues such as next year's budget, which was also dealt with pretty sanely.
The gist of this is something I reaffirmed about myself, and how I do in groups.  How I do care that we are effective as a group.  Relatively cohesive, also, even though there are differing points of view.  It charges me up.
I don't want to get too tied up in group work; 12_Step and the condo association is about enough, since there are always ancillary things, but I do love the energy associated with doing work in a group. They help me do things I could never do alone.



\"They help me to do things I could never do alone\" How true is that statement?
Glad you are enjoying both groups. Two different environments but I bet your 12-Step group experience will help you with the other group! Good experiences! Take care!

Thank you. One of the biggest things is community helps me to accept myself as I am. I wasn\'t doing that before. Tonight we\'re leading an AlAnon meeting at a conference nearby and I\'m looking forward to it.
It\'s nice to have Grandma and Grampa there for a visit. T-Man will come and go, I\'ll bet. We had our oldest son and had a great visit. Last year, younger son was living here and we discovered needles in his room on Thksgng and he spent the day in his room after a blowup, so I didn\'t mind not inviting him for dinner this year. Sometimes they have to reap what they sow.