Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Prostate Cancer Symptoms? by Eamon Greville

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Prostate Cancer Symptoms?by: Eamon GrevilleIn discussing prostate cancer symptoms, it is first important to be clear. Its a fact that not all men actually get symptoms that show they have prostate cancer. In the men that do, not all men have exactly the same symptoms.There are generally no symptoms for example associated with early prostate cancer.However, if and when they appear, the symptoms of prostate cancer tend to manifest with the following presentation:? Difficulty or pain when passing urine? The need to pass urine more often, especially at night (frequency)? Broken sleep due to increased visits to pass urine? Straining to pass urine when you go to the toilet? Waiting for long periods before the urine flows (hesitancy)? The feeling that the bladder has not emptied fully when you have finished urinating.? Dribbling after urination is completeThese symptoms are sometimes associated with early disease and can be the first signs of prostate enlargement. Other symptoms, which can be associated with later stage prostate disease, are:? Blood in the urine (unusual)? Pain in the pelvis or loins? Blood in the sperm (very rare)? General bone pain? Weight loss? ImpotenceIt is important to realise that any of these symptoms are also caused by problems that may have nothing to do with prostate cancer. Its an odd fact that not every symptom that could be prostate cancer is actually so!Do therefore discuss any of these symptoms with you doctor so that they can be investigated* Questions to ask the doctorThe following questions should be directed towards your doctor.- General? Do you think that I may have a problem with my prostate?? What tests should I consider and what is involved?? If you do find Prostate Cancer, what is the next step?- Specific? How certain can you be that I have prostate cancer and not another prostate related condition?? What can you tell me about the cancer( e.g size, position, speed and growth) ?? Which do you feel would be the most suitable treatment for me and why?If I choose to be treated, will the treatment actually relieve my symptoms?? What are the side- effects of the treatment and how might they affect my lifestyle?Prostate cancer symptoms are complex and need a lot of thought and consideration before a confirmation of diagnosis can be made.It is imperative that you seek further information as well as discuss with your doctor if concerned.Preventative measures should also be employed to promote good prostate healthCopyright (c) 2010 Eamon Greville href='' - -