Quality Control Inspector Job Description

Ever imagined who monitors the standard specifications and quality of products in an organization? How is it that a food brand maintains its flavor and taste for years? Consistent quality check from quality control inspectors ensures that the formulas, codes and specifications regarding product manufacturing are always followed.At the outset, the work of a quality control inspector may appear merely monitoring the product quality in production firms. However, when weighed in terms of value for a company or a brand, it is a crucial and responsible position to handle. Detecting flaws during production and ensuring that all products are in alignment with the state, national and international codes/specifications forms the key duties of a quality control inspector's job. In any production or manufacturing firm, every day, hundreds of thousands of products are manufactured so it becomes essential to carefully monitor the quality of products.If products of poor quality are spread in the market, it can negatively impact the brand image of the firm, thereby plummeting sales and hence profit. Similarly, if construction material employed in real estate projects is of inferior quality, it may lead to poor infrastructure and unsatisfactory results from the company at the end of the project completion. This can cause loss of good clients and companies for real estate barons. Quality control inspectors are therefore recruited to minimize any chances of manufacturing of low quality products and poor standards of work.Job Description of Quality Control Manager/InspectorBe it textiles, food preservatives, automotive or the electronic field, quality control (QC) inspectors are required in almost all fields. It is these managers who ensure that the employer's goods, products and items are as per the standards set by the regulating authorities in the company. If need arises, QCs may perform testing methods to check the purity of a sample or sometimes, they may even repair defective parts. They're also responsible for informing concerned departments to replace machines and equipment that have old standards of specifications. They have to remain updated regarding latest industry codes and specifications regarding products. They can also suggest workers and management regarding improvement in the working methods or steps that can be taken to enhance quality. They may also chalk out comprehensive quality assurance and plans to improve the quality of products.Quality Control DutiesIn general, the duties entailed in the job of a quality control inspector depends on the type of company and working method in the company. Generally, the duties are as follows.Plant, direct and coordinate numerous activities regarding application of quality control principles in the development of products.By the application of knowledge gained in this field, try to develop methods, for improving inspection testing of products.Write training materials for new employees so that they can learn the updated rules and codes of conducts regarding specifications, standard norms and rules.Supervise production works.Direct workers towards carefully handling information and instructions.Educational RequirementsA high school diploma or GED is the minimum requirement to be eligible to become a quality control manager.Some private institutes conduct 1 years diploma courses in quality control; however, companies internally train the employees regarding quality control fundamentals.Even an associate or a bachelor's degree in engineering or certifications in materials testing, ASQ/CQA certification review, statistical process control, quality management systems, technical studies, statistical experimental design, and the Six Sigma method can help immensely to further advance in this field.In case, you have work experience in the quality control/assurance industry and you wish to switch to a job that offers you better prospects, you must visit Internet job portals to get relevant information regarding the job openings in this field. To improve your prospects, you must try to obtain a degree in this field from some technical colleges known for its proper training programs. The earning potential of these inspectors ranges between US$40,000 - US$50,000. It depends on several other factors like work experience, location and educational qualifications of the prospective QC inspector. href='http://www.buzzle.com/articles/quality-control-inspector-job-description.html' - http://www.buzzle.com/articles/quality-control-inspector-job-description.html -