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Publisher Terms of Service

If you wish to obtain article(s) from ArticleBiz for the purpose of a reprint or publishing in your ezine, website, or print publication, you must:
Respect the copyrights of the author by publishing the article without any changes to the title and content. Articles must be published "as is".
Include a resource box at the end - - of the article containing - address - the author's bio paragraph - HTTP://RAPIDSERVICESGROUP.COM/ - and copyright information.
Agree to make all links available with no syntax changes and not - - to include rel=nofollow tag - - in your HREF statements.
Agree not to publish any article from ArticleBiz through any unsolicited email and/or use as spam communication.
Agree not to link any article keywords to affiliate programs.
Agree to never sell any article or charge anyone to view any article you obtained from ArticleBiz directory.