Proper Storage and Delivery Services for Exhaust Fluid

Keeping diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) on-hand at a lot for fleet trucks will save time for managers and money for business owners regardless of the size of the fleet. Before delivery services can commence; however, proper storage must be discussed and set up to keep fluid pure. There is no money saved on buying pure fluid, such as BlueDEF, if it is contaminated while stored or allowed to freeze. Special storage and DEF Equipment is critical to the quality of the fluid.


Since fluid is corrosive to metals, there are no components of the containers or DEF Pumps that can contain any. The reason is simple. Metal flakes will fall into the fluid and compromise the purity. This will contaminate the fluid, clog up the exhaust system, and fail to control the emissions released into the air. This will lower fuel efficiency and place the business at risk of paying huge fines for non-compliance with health regulations.


Diesel fuel does not freeze in nature, only under laboratory conditions. The exhaust fluid does freeze at a temperature of twelve-degrees Fahrenheit. Storage must be at temperatures higher than that. This is not a problem if stored in a tank buried underground like fuel is or stored inside a heated building. Outside def price can be risky in some parts of the country. To prevent freezing, containers can be placed in insulated cabinets. There are also thermal wraps that can be fitted snuggly around containers when necessary.

Ready for Delivery

Once storage is sorted out, a schedule for delivery is the next order of business. Managers of larger lots will want to schedule deliveries at regular intervals. blue def helps ensure the supply does not run out. Smaller lot managers can select a regular interval, such as every two-weeks, or once a month. Deliveries can be altered if the need becomes greater as the business grows.


Deliveries can also be arranged on-demand. That means the lot manager will call when exhaust fluid is getting low to set up a delivery date and an approximate time. def for diesel engines is ideal for businesses just starting out, those that are seasonal, and those that do not make a significant number of deliveries.

A landscaping business, for example, will need more exhaust fluid in the spring, summer, and fall. Less is used in the winter because only the snowplows will be operating with diesel engines. Experienced sales representatives for storage and delivery companies can make recommendations regarding both storage and delivery.