Progress? A Little

Kit and I are a work in progress.  He's less hyper for the most part.  There are times when he's bouncing around the house when he plays and I'm still a piece of furniture.  His lap time is increasing, but some of it is play time now.  He doesn't like me leaving the house to go on errands and he voices his disapproval.  It will be a while before he makes trips with me in the car.  That's for his safety.  If he gets out in a parking lot, it could be deadly.  His out and back back yard times are getting easier, but he still has a way to go.  He's winning the battle for the bed and I'm losing sleep.  That's got to change.  The choice has been made on which brand of can dog food he likes,,,Gravy Train.  He's trying to fool me into believing that he's going to allow time on the computer.  He lays down next to the chair just long enough for me to forget about him, then he's back pawing my arms again.  I'm not buying it.  Still learning his want out signals and its led to a couple of accidents.  Just got to pay more attention.  Thinking seriously about using hot pepper to cure this licking.  That's got to be cut way down.  But, as long as we're making progress, we're doing good.