Productive & Positive

I woke up early this morning, got ready for work, took my medications, and took a vitamin B supplement. A lot of times I forget to take that vitamin, and I really should keep it up. I feel great today! I have tons of energy, I was very productive at work, and I even had a really easy time talking to the customers and up-selling stuff. I even had a great talk with one customer about her granddaughter's hobby of show jumping. I found her a super cute horse shirt, paired it with some super cute PJ pants, and BOOM, we had a great sale. I was pretty proud of myself. It's not like it was a large sale or anything, but it felt good to me. 
Then I went to Sprouts (natural food store) and used a gift card I had to get some cheese spread, christmas tree scented candle (since my tree is fake), and some cute kitten holiday cards. I still have 2$ left on the gift card, too. Awesomeness! 
Im going to head to Walmart to have my prescriptions transferred there, refill my water bottles, and then meet my Mom at our old house to take care of some things. 
I feel great. I love it!