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The patients were then followed regularly over a minimum period of 6?months. At admission, aqueous (AH) and/or vitreous were sampled, followed by an intravitreal injection of vancomycin (1?mg/0.1?ml) and ceftazidime (2?mg/0.1?ml). The ocular sample was used for bacteriological culture on brain�Cheart infusion broth medium (direct inoculation in the operating room), for mycological culture on Sabouraud medium with added chloramphenicol and genomic analysis with panbacterial polymerase chain reaction (PCR) targeting ribosomal 16S DNA according to previously described procedures (Chiquet et?al. 2007, 2008). The quantitative data were expressed in the mean?��?standard deviation (SD). The association between the microbiological and clinical data was initially studied using ANOVA for the quantitative data and chi-square analysis (with Yates corrections if necessary) for the qualitative data. The statistical analysis was performed using the statistical package for the social sciences program (SPSS 17.0 for Windows; Chicago, IL, USA) software. Statistical significance was defined as a p-value 1.5?��?2.5 days after the trauma, and the time to management was 1.2?��?1.4?days. The main functional signs were VA limited to light perception (LP) in eight eyes (47%). Visual acuity was measured before onset of endophthalmitis in five cases and had decreased to 20/200 or less in the injured eye at this time for four of these five patients (explaining that the decline in vision was not necessarily reported by the patient when endophthalmitis manifested). B-scan ultrasound performed on 14 patients (82%) systematically showed hyperechogenic vitreous and RD in two cases. All the patients who had IOFB were examined with computed tomography. Table?2. each patient had a mean 2.2?��?1.9 ocular samples taken. Analysis of the AH sampled at admission (12/17 eyes) showed a positive culture in 10% of the cases, and the PCR was positive in 22%. Analysis of the vitreous sampled at admission in 53% of the patients (9/17) showed a positive culture in 43% and a positive PCR in 50%. A second sample of AH or vitreous was taken in some patients (see Table?2). Pars plana vitrectomy was performed in 15 patients after one or several intravitreal injections.