Prepper Gardens, Urban Homesteads, And Bulk Seeds

It used to be said, How do we keep em on the farm, once theyve seen the city? Now people sentenced to live in the city are hankering to go back to the farm. When they cant physically relocate to the farm, many city dwellers will try to recapture a bit of its rustic authenticity by micro-gardening. Others become homesteaders within the city by planting gardens, raising small quantities of livestock, and recycling leftovers by way of worm farms. These people are major purchasers of bulk seeds for their vegetable and herb gardens.All farms start with seeds, and the best bulk seeds we can choose are natural, non-genetically modified seeds of an heirloom variety. These have been around for a long time, used on farms for centuries or longer. They werent whipped together in a corporate lab by white-coated Merlin; these bulk seeds are the real deal. They can be collected by planters and re-used for generations without diminished yield or nutritional benefit. They produce food with color, scent, texture, taste, and nutrition. They are food, not product.What heirloom bulk seeds should you select? Well, grab as many as you can, using the rainbow as a guide. The more visible colors you find on the table, the better off youll be. This is ancient wisdom, handed down by health experts from time immemorial. Growing a wide veggie variety from bulk seeds will help you avoid the curse of pseudo-food coming from a container that, if eaten, might actually do you less harm than the contents.In terms of nutritional yield protein and fiber content in particular beans are hard to beat for someone looking to build up an essential store of bulk seeds. Beans have been grown in the Americas for as long as people have been here, and many Native American communities actually used them as currency, in addition to being high-yield, low-bother sources of sound nutrition. All varieties of bulk seeds from pintos to navy beans, from green beans to the much-under appreciated lima -- can be prepared in delicious, colorful meals. Planting beans next to other garden staples such as squash and corn which are also good choices for - - your bulk seeds collection -- will get an urban homestead off on a good start.Much of the urban homesteading trend is an outgrowth of the locovore movement, which emphasizes the health benefits of eating locally grown food. But a lot more of it is inspired by the horrors contained in the typical households grocery bill. Whether dictated by fad or necessity, urban homesteading is a trend that is likely to grow and for those interested in starting a homestead, getting a good supply of heirloom bulk seeds is a good place to begin. href='' - -