Praise God!!!

Just got word today that I am a go for surgery and it should be with in the next two weeks. God has awnsered my prayers and has been here for me through out this whole proccess.
With out Him I wouldn't of gotten this far so fast.
I will be praying for all my friends and family here.
Stay strong throuhout your  trials , for I know God is good and He will surely help you and be with you. My body is in a lot of pain right now , but I will not let that get me down,no matter what!
Take Care



I am soooo happy for you Bon! Now we two can also have our journies together! I am here for ya!

Love ya!

I finally have my date!!!! Dec.30th.
In just a moment my life will be changed forever, just as it was the day I was Baptized April 16th,1981. Wow ,almost 30 years ago.
To think that I will begin a new chapther in my life that will help my health and allow me to have less pain. Thanks for the prayers and physical help everyone has done for me it has been greatly appreciated!
Love you all !!

Praise be to God in the Highest!