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Drawn from an important private Long Island collection, The Paintings of Louis Comfort Tiffany: Works from a Long Island Collection is a major exhibition that showcases approximately 125 oils on canvas and works on paper by Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American artist most closely associated with the Art Nouveau and Aesthetic movements. This exhibition, the first focusing on Tiffany's paintings to be seen in the New York metropolitan area since1979, opens at Nassau County Museum of Art on December 10, 2011 and remains on view through March 18, 2012. Centered on Tiffany's paintings, many of which he created for himself to memorialize his travels and surroundings, The Paintings of Louis Comfort Tiffany offers an uncommon glimpse into the artist's personal world. The exhibition also includes examples of Tiffany's decorative arts, especially stained glass lamps and windows .

Working in a vibrant style that incorporates bright colors with an energetic yet balanced visual rhythm, Rie Osogoe makes a brilliant foray into the exploration of space, dimension, and depth. Working with mixed media and acrylic paints, Osogoe's works are inspired by the delightful randomness of accidentally layered colored papers and incorporate an unusual and intriguing assortment of geometric shapes, which she applies to the canvas in a Technicolor collage. Rich with vitality, Osogoe's works speak not only to the fascinating possibilities held by shape and hue, but relate directly to the human body and spirit, often incorporating the printed word or abstracted pieces of the human figure. Although Osogoe's works are indeed complex and multifaceted, they join together to produce a beautiful visual harmony that harkens back to the Japanese tradition of woodblock prints, or ukiyo-e.
Among their most incredible items is their own private brand of candles which you might equal Rigaud or a on steroids; these wax lights far outshine their competitors on so many levels. Aside from their custom scents these pillars of scent or even bougies, if you will, release their fragrance even when unlit. When lit, these are probably the most incredible dispensers of smell as they permeate your room but never overpower the recipient's olfactory senses. When all that is not enough then there are the custom designed translucent bone china lidded canisters that hold every candle. Each container provides its own amazing traits which includes exclusive patterns and even platinum eagle detailing.
Digital art has increased the available variety of artworks and artistic possibilities: starting with simple digital photography, moving through images which react to the physical presence of a viewer and finally reaching virtual reality, like the CAVE. It is interesting that art came to the world of computers and not vice versa. Perhaps this is because almost all the pioneers of Digital art are primarily scientists, who dared to make science fiction real.

Dura Europos was founded in 303 BC by the Seleucids (Alexander the Great's successors) on the intersection of an east-west trade route and a north-south trade route along the Euphrates. The new city, named for the birthplace of Seleucus I Nicator, controlled the river crossing on the route between Antioch on the Orontes and Seleucia on the Tigris. Dura Europos was part of a network of military colonies intended to secure Seleucid control of the Middle Euphrates.

This pictorial show of strange framed pictures of letters speak the intentions of the person giving it, considering the time and efforts spent in getting this Personalized Name Art uniquely. It is not a gift, which you bought in few dollars by walking-down to a nearby store and then walking-out with it in just few minutes. Your exclusive gift will always be a mark of remembrance whosoever views it.