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The computer was not created for sending emails or browsing the net. Likewise, they were not originally meant to be used for tracking your bank accounts or your friends activities. Fact is, the first electronic computer was made to help American soldiers hit their targets during World War II. The ENIAC, generally considered as the first electronic computer, was built from 1944 to 1946 inside the University of Pennsylvania campus. The US Army then had under its employ hundreds of mathematically-gifted young women who were tasked to manually do the computations for the ballistics tables used for military weapons. Hundreds of women, all with math capability, were then serving in the US Army as human computers, doing ballistic tables for military weaponry.
To distinguish, the term computer hardware includes all the tangible parts of a computer, while computer software refers to things related to the computer that can't be touched. To add, hardware is needed in order to run a software or program including the monitor screen where you see the results of running the program, or the mouse you click on to run it, as well as the keyboard where you input your commands. A lot of people are of the mistaken notion that devices such as a flash drive and CD that are generally used to keep data and software programs are under the software category, although they are technically hardware that are merely used to protect and keep software and data.
If you look at your smart phone, it would not be too difficult to understand why their counterparts in years past are now called dumb phones. Not too many people know that cell phones were already being developed around the world simultaneously as early as the late 1940s. Most models at that time were mounted on a vehicle. This is because there were no batteries that were small enough for these phones then. It was in 1973 when the Motorola Company embarked on the development of the first handheld mobile phone in the US. Today, these phones are known by their ubiquitous monicker Brick Phones.