Just finished Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses, by Claire Dederer.  Every place around the pNW she wrote about is familiar to me.  Uncannily so. And the sensibility of raising kids in N. Seattle; the 'goodness' she writes about, that is so troublesome.  And also Boulder; I worked in Denver, sent there by my company, for nearly a month, and got to know the area. Her struggles with her mother, her powerful insights about her mother's choices during Women's Lib times(my mom was not stable either, but too old for the Lib. Movement)..... and her personal, continual opening, with yoga. Reading her memoir felt intimate and very real.  I guess geography can make a difference. Anyway, I just turned off the Kindle, so haven't much perspective on it; feel like I've just emerged from a movie.
Son #1 just left on Wed.  I spent the day cleaning floors and laundry and shopping at Costco.  Kind of relief cleaning.  Like maybe I had put parts of my life on hold while he was here.  And I did.  I felt a little like when there's a new kitten in the house: I didn't breathe too deep and watched where I stepped.  And it's funny, because he is growing up and not edgy with us at all any more.  Maybe I am the one who is not adjusting to the reality that things are fine.  He was in a state of transition too, since he was between places to live, and things were temporarily at issue in the new place. So a lot on his mind.
But now he's moved and settling in.  I ordered him a couple air cleaners since he lives close to the freeway.  His place is shielded by trees, but still, the air pollution can be serious, so he's got those and likes them.  I still care so much about him, and always hope for the best for him.
husband is warming up and re-callusing fingers for a couple band gigs; they need his guitar skills temporarily in his old band.  He's really excited about the challenge. And today an attorney and his daughter, who is learning law in a non-school setting (there are about 2 people a year in our state who do this) are driving up from Vancouver to visit with him about his field of the law. I am glad to see he is putting new energy into his life.  it's inspiring.
So we are in a state of flow, I think... me, I'm fine, but do need to work on a couple issues that have come back to haunt me.
For now, Today: yoga, and shopping for local veggies.