Pornhub Employees Open Up About Filming Virtual Reality Adult Content & More

A few weeks ago, one of the leading adult entertainment websites on the internet, Pornhub, announced that they were launching a special section dedicated to virtual reality adult content. While the news certainly got the attention of many excited teenage men around the world, many individuals fail to realize that adult entertainment is a veryprofitable business and that virtual reality could represent a major growth area for the industry.Thanks to the awesomeness of PornHub and their employees, we have all been able to get a sneak peak into the operations of the company to see just how they envision the future of VR adultcontent. A few days ago, the team at Pornhub turned to Reddit for an exclusive AMA. For those of you unfamiliar with the social news networking service, AMA is the acronym for Ask Me Anything. Basically the Reddit community was able to ask the team at Pornhub, including The VP of Operations, Corey, and VR Specialist, Alain, a series of questions and have them answered in an honest and frank mannerMost interesting to us were those questions related to the adult VR entertainment aspects of the company, and they certainly provided a lot of interesting tidbits of info via the AMA. Onequestion that Corey answered regarding whether or not actors had to wear any elaborate equipment in order to film in thevirtual reality format, caught many readers off guard.

Ive heard that male talent has a lot of trouble keeping it up with such heavy gear on their chests. Often the scenes have to be filmed multiple times, heexplained.Regardless of the speed bumps in producing this sort of content, Corey,along with the rest of the team seemed rather bullish on the future that virtual reality will play within the adult content industry.It will play a huge part in the future of adult, gaming, entertainment etc, but it will be a long time - slutty milf - until it replaces the ease of loading a video in a basic player. If you havent tried VR porn, youre missing out, explained CoreyAs for what headsets will be compatible and if PornHub may be coming to the Playstation VR once its released in October, the prospects look somewhat hopeful.If PSVR lets us play pornon it, you can guarantee we will support it, Brett explained.While the subject may be a bit taboo to some people, there is no doubt that this is an industry whichwill continue to experience tremendous growth, especially as the content gets more life-like. It was interesting to read the thoughts and opinions of those working forPornhub, and Im sure many of you are looking forward to see where things are headed next. The entire AMA can be read here. Lets hear your thoughts on Pornhubs VR ambitions in the Adult VR forum on