Popular Games for Apple's iPhone

The Apple iPhone 3G is certainly new and improved, but what about the games? The chances are good that just buying the iPhone and paying monthly service bills is enough to leave anyone broke, so it is important to avoid mistakes.In order to get the most from out of the iPhone, review each game before downloading it from the iPhone Apps or iTunes stores to avoid buyer's remorse. Better yet, there are many websites that offer free iPhone games.Apple iPhone Games: Types and CostsThere are hundreds of iPhone games available, from Zen Pinball to Space Monkey. Each one costs a one-time fee ranging from nothing (for free games like Jirbo Match) to $10 for premium content such as the new Super Monkey Ball or Ms. Pac-Man. Games either have a touch-screen directional pad or other touch-screen elements.Review the game details at the Apps store for which games are also compatible for the iPod Touch. Games made for the earlier iPhone generation or for iPods (with the click wheel) are not compatible with the iPhone.Best and Worst iPhone Games(Updated Sept 14) According IGN's wireless game reviews, the top 5 downloadable iPhone games are:Asphalt 4 Elite RacingSpore OriginsBubble BashCritter CrunchTexas Hold'EmOn the flip side, the 5 worst iPhone games:Meta AngelReel Deal SlotsFroggerSuper Monkey BallGTS World RacingFree iPhone GamesNot willing to spend $5-$10 for an unknown game? Check out sites where you can download free iPhone games. These sites, such as All Free iPhone Games, allow users to either download a desktop version of one's favorite free iPhone game or users can visit the site on the iPhone to play. Visit the iPhone Apps store for a list of free gaming Apps also.Simulator App Makes iPhone a Virtual NintendoA popular app allows iPhone users to put a NES emulator in the iPhone software, which then allows Nintendo classics such as Super Mario Brothers, Tetris and Mega Man to be played. The App sets up a touch screen version of the original Ninteno controller on the screen and supports handheld versions of many original Nintendo games.The iPhone NES App is an open source application available at Google Code and users must have an InfoNES core. Available games are:Dr. MarioIkari WarriorsMario BrothersMega Man 2MetroidPunch-OutSuper Mario Brother 1 and 3Legend of ZeldaOther iPhone Gaming AppsAnother unofficial iPhone gaming App allows iPhone users to play a handheld version of the original Doom game.With the rich colors and pixelage comparabe to a PSP or Nintendo DS, it has been said by many reviewers that the iPhone may soon rival its gaming console competitors.Also check out Reading Comics on Apple's iPhone for what Apps are available to comic book fans.