Polo shirts, T-shirts, uniform shirts and Modern Printed Aprons


There are many polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms for company employees and restaurants. Including print aprons for employees and embroidering and printing company logos or advertising slogans. Polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms and aprons are especially suitable for companies and restaurants. Because it shows a lot of importance to professionalism and good behavior The staff looks beautiful and looks high quality when wearing polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms and aprons. Because customers and guests can be called as well These good quality clothes instantly grab the attention of customers. And able to give a lasting impression on customers and guests Because of motivation or logo that is embroidered or printed on high quality polo shirts, T-shirts, uniform And the apron shows the impression and professionalism in itself. It is actually palmgear.com, and today I wish to present you how to apply warm move vinyl using a routine iron for tee.


Our shop has polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms. And aprons with your logo to employees of all sizes for comfort Which helps to encourage collaboration and convenience for customers and guests to find the right contact Employees and employees are instantly linked to the company. Polo shirts do not need to be white. Polo Shirt -24 Offers multicolored polo shirts, T-shirts, Uniforms. And aprons for business and restaurants We can also customize printed patterns, polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms And aprons as you wish.

Polo-Shirts - 24 Ready to embroidery. Welcome to receive special requests as customers want. We can design your own motif or logo such as embroidery on the chest, collar or back for many companies and restaurants to use in the service. Or print polo shirts for employees and wear them for work in the field or in the field.

There are one set of polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms and aprons. Which makes it high to remember Allowing customers and guests to always find the right contact quickly

One of the biggest benefits of polo shirts, T-shirts and uniform shirts is the printing of each apron. With high quality Even after frequent washing it can be seen that the clothes still look new and not twisted.


All the benefits at first sight:

Polo shirts, T-shirts, uniform shirts and money bags are available in many styles.

Your motif or logo can be customized for stitching.

Polo shirts, T-shirts, uniforms and our quality purse at Polo-Shirt-24. Doing our mission to meet the expectations of every customer. Who doesn't know the design of polo shirts, T-shirts, uniform shirts and aprons. He can ask for advice from experienced staff to gain knowledge. Incentives and logo design suggestions based on attachments. If there is no creativity in the design of shirts Please let us help you design.