Poll: 50 percent Say Low-Carb Diet plans Not Really worth Risks

50 percent of all Us residents surveyed for your fresh "Dole Poll" said that no level of weight reduction from the low-carb eating plan would be worth the prospective adverse wellness effect.

In accordance with the nationwide poll of 801 adults, the feasible negative effects of a low-carbohydrate diet program - such as higher cholesterol, constipation, kidney stones and improved threat of some cancers -"tip the scales" against following such a diet plan to get a complete fifty % of respondents.
In distinction, just one-third (36 percent) say they are prepared to get their probabilities to comprehend some weight reduction, with 4 percent reporting any volume of lbs get rid of could be "worth it."
Coming on the heels of the Lancet medical journals study, which recommended that such side effects as headaches, exhaustion and foul breath are much more often described by low-carb dieters than those on conventional regimens, the Dole Poll findings are far more proof that the Atkins bubble has burst.

This backlash is already impacting the grocery industry, with much less than fifty percent as quite a few low-carb merchandise launched in 2004 than in 2003, and product sales figures showing that lots of of those solutions are discounted or withdrawn months just after introduction. Some sector experts even venture that two-thirds of the items launched this year will likely be off the shelves by 2006.

We have turned a corner in community awareness. The much more persons learn about low-carb overall health risks, the much less hunger they have for such hazardous trend diet programs.

Jennifer Grossman will be the director of the Dole Nourishment Institute, a research and education organization devoted to advertising the wellness rewards of fruits and vegetables with regards to bodyweight management and illness prevention.