Plane Crashes In Thailand - Photo 2 - Pictures

Wreckage of a plane that crashed as it landed sits smoldering on the side of the runway in Phuket, Thailand, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007. The crash killed at least 89 passengers, most of them foreigners. Five Americans were among the dead.Credit: AP Photo/Daily NewsThai rescuers carry an injured passenger, center bottom, out of the wreckage of the crashed plane at Phuket International Airport Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007. Forty-one people survived the crash.Credit: AP Photo/Daily NewsThe budget One-Two-Go Airlines flight (the same kind of plane, an MD-82, as in this file photo from 2006) was carrying 123 passengers and seven crew from Bankgkok to Phuket, which is an island in the south of Thailand, one of the country's most popular resorts. The plane attempted to land in heavy rain, slamming into a wooded embankment, breaking up and bursting in flames.Credit: AP Photo/Apichart WeerawongThai forensic workers walk amongst bodies in body bags that had been placed in a hangar at Phuket airport.Credit: AP Photo/Sakchai LalitA relative wept while talking on a cell phone.Credit: AP Photo/Sakchai LalitA day after the crash, Thai rescue workers continued to work on the wreckage.Credit: AP Photo/Sakchai LalitWorkers used heavy machinery to remove the tail section of the One-Two-Go budget airline's MD-82 passenger jet, and investigators scoured the debris for clues into Thailand's worst air disaster in a decade.Credit: AFP/GettyCrash investigators sifted through the charred debris of a Thai jet as anguished relatives desperately sought news of loved ones.Credit: AP Photo/Sakchai LalitThe wreckage was removed from the airport.Credit: AP Photo/David LongstreathA Thai woman looked at photos of plane crash victims.Credit: Chumsak Kanoknan/Getty ImagesA picture of Arief Mulyadi, the Indonesian pilot of a passenger plane that crashed, is displayed in front of his house in Jakarta. A senior aviation official said that the pilot had been warned of a treacherous wind shear at the airport, but he decided to land anyway. Mulyadi, 56, died in the disaster.Credit: AHMAD ZAMRONI/AFP/Getty href='' - -