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Since my avErotica inbox was flooded with messages (mostly good) here is the 2nd time I was with my stepdad… That next morning I woke up trying not to want him and thinking how it will be weird around him for a while. I slept in late and missed school, no one woke me up so I just stayed home. Around 3pm, he came home and I heard him on the phone. I ignored him as much as I could, I was nervous about giving in again. He made me crave his control.

After a while, he comes in my room and tells me that he wants to take me out for dinner and my brother is staying at his avErotica friends again. It was pretty normal for him and me to go to dinner so I didn’t think anything of it. I dressed up kind a cute but nothing overboard for dinner. He didn’t say anything in the ride to the restaurant but at dinner we talked about Breaking Bad and some other random shit. He did put his leg on my while "reaching for his napkin".

On the ride home, we got stuck in bad traffic. It was kind of raining but there was a small pile up and we were idle on the bridge close to an hour. I brought up our sex adventures from the previous night. I thanked him again and told him I’m not going to reject his offers. He asked me if I was willing to become a good sex slave for him and do as I’m ordered, to which I agreed. It was at this time he gave me two orders, take off my clothes and ride home naked, touching myself when ordered and then give him road head.

I unbuckled my seat belt and throw my clothes in the back seat then unzipped his pants and blew him. We started to move, traffic was letting up during the blow job. Right before he went, he held my head down and made sure I swallowed it all. I saw back up and thanked him. He told me I needed to thank him for any sex act either done to me or I performed on him. Traffic stopped again because we could see tow trucks far ahead. He turned on the AC and then tells me to spread my legs more.

Then he starts to finger me in the car. While this is going on, my mom calls to say Hey. He answers and starts talking to her on speakerphone, avErotica while continuing to slowly finger me. Then she starts to talk to me! I was nervous. But he was able free sex girl to get her off the phone saying we needed to start driving again. That was a lie though, we weren’t moving. He orders me to put the seat back and lay down. Taking his fingers out of my pussy, he rubs them on my lips and face then tells me to rub myself till I cum.

While I’m doing this, he grabs my panties from the backseat and smells them. Traffic starts moving again, he tells me not to stop. I was nervous and it took me forever to get off. But I finally did maybe 5 or so minutes after. On the way home, he pulls into Dairy Queen drive thru for ice cream, getting us a large to split. The drive thru guy saw me naked and smiled. I asked why he did that and he said humiliation is part of training. I won’t lie, I love it when people see me big naked chicks (browse around this website) and it gets them horny.

We finally get home and he doesn’t park in the garage. We get out and go through the front door, I wasn’t allowed to get redressed. He tells me to go get my dildo and butt plug and meet him in their bedroom. I get the avErotica items and he’s already naked in the bed, really hard. I told him I feel more comfortable doing this in my room but he said it will be done this way. He orders me on the bed and then cuffs my hands to their bed rail. Then spreads my legs and puts a bar so I can’t close them.

He gets on top of me rubbing his dick around my clit and tells me he will go soft on me tonight, then blindfolds me. I hear the lube bottle make the squirting noise and then him spreading my ass cheek to insert the butt plug. He made sure it was snug. Then he lubes the dildo and shoves it in my pussy. Gives me 100 thrusts and orders me not to get off. I passed his test but moaned like crazy. Next he puts the dildo in me and licks my clit, I start moaning more, begging to get off and he says no.