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The recommendations are based on the principles of respect for freedom and privacy of individuals, values propagated by Singapore's Government. These recommendations are aimed at taking preventive measures wherever possible. There is evidence that most kids 'grow out of' their Internet addiction within one or two years. Most youth have energy to spend time online and yet be productive at school environment. The corrective measures must be taken only when the Internet addiction is severe and starts affecting their academics and family relationships.

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While a complete tab on online pornography is not possible, some extreme forms such as child pornography must be banned with the help of filters on Internet Service Providers (ISP). The parents must be made aware about their responsibility of keeping the home computer in an open environment where the usage of children can be monitored. Parents can also install monitoring software on home computers, but it is important to let the children know that it exists so that they are not embarrassed.

The corrective measures may include technological based solutions. Developers of popular online games must be asked to include “usage-pattern” software in their games to monitor the addiction levels of individuals. To play online games, accurate information according to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms must be filled up. This data needs to be regularly submitted to the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. This can help in restricting the excessive usage of children and recommending a psychologist to the parents of the child in case of symptoms of addiction. These recommendations can help in reducing the extreme forms of Internet addiction among youth in Singapore.