Picasso is the best automobile to have on your forecourt.

CITROEN'S Grand C4 Picasso is the very best used-car to have https://motortradeinsuranceinfo.wordpress.com/ - motor trade insurance quotes - on your forecourt. Or rather, it won't remain on your forecourt for long ...
According to new figures launched today by Car Trader, the automobiles takes just an average of 15 days to sell-- that's nearly a month and a half quicker than the industry average, which stands at 55 days.
Car Trader, the UK's biggest digital marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand cars, released the list based on the fastest selling used-cars in March.
The data likewise reinforces the close relationship between prices to market and speed of sale. On average, each of the top 10 fastest-selling automobiles was 98.8 percent aligned with Car Trader's recommended list price, based upon assessments data underpinned by real retail rates.