Physical therapy blogs you should be reading

As a physical therapist, you completed years of instruction to put in into your profession. But even the very seasoned therapist can gain from new viewpoints. And while continuing education courses and lectures are valuable tools, they tend to be events that you can't go to any day you select. For VESTIBULAR REHABILITATION when you have a couple minutes to kill and want to catch up on the buzz of your chosen industry, consider checking out a blog. These sites offer you great insight into what other people in your field are doing and discussing, all from the convenience of your own computer or mobile device. Ready for some fresh ideas? Here are five physical treatment blogs that you need to be studying.MYOFASCIAL RELEASE
If you're a baseball fan -- or just interested in sports rehabilitation generally -- check out the personal site of Mike Reinold, the prior physical therapist and head athletic coach for the Boston Red Sox. The website is dedicated to Reinold's thoughts, experience and research on how to best blend sports medicine, fitness, rehab and functionality to help patients move, perform and feel better than everbefore. The site has won's Best Physical Therapy Blog Award multiple times. Not convinced? You can read testimonials about Reinold on the site from Red Sox players that he has worked with. Not too bad as much as testimonials go.


Does an article titled"Can Pain Science Learn From Cowboys?" Spark your interest? If so, you may be interested in that article and other content on this site. The blog is the job of Evidence in Motion, a group devoted to supplying post-professional schooling opportunities to the physical therapy industry, and covers topics such as legislation, research, health and health, industry news and clinical treatment.
Reading sites will keep you up-to-date on the most up-to-date and greatest in your area. Cinema Says
To find out from your colleagues in the field, there might be no better one-stop-shop than Cinema Says. The blog is famous for its interviews with key leaders and players in the market, and is a good, light read when you wish to dive in your area without navigating a large amount of technical jargon and event studies.

In Touch PT
Back in Touch PT is the pain and spine specialty site of physical therapist Harrison N. Vaughan. The site discusses helpful clinical practices, like when to recommend MUA for a shoulder, or how to approach first rib dysfunction. Vaughan also comes with an e-mentorship application for recent graduates and experienced professionals alike who aims to help optimize clinical results for the patients through 30 to 60 minute weekly sessions.
5. The Manual Therapist
In addition to serving as an adjunct faculty member at SUNY at Buffalo, The Manual Therapist blogger Erson Religioso is the owner of EDGE Rehab and Sport Science. The busy therapist is a promoter of what he calls"The Eclectic Approach," a way that employs numerous philosophies and approaches to a single therapeutic treatment program. His website provides everything from practical tips about the best way to improve your practice's site, to talks on the importance of continuing your education as a therapist.