Photoshop Digital Backgrounds: Why You Need to Know How to Create Professional Digital Backgrounds

Muslin is a type of fabric made of cotton that is perfect to be used as backdrops. In fact, most are made of muslin. Several backdrops with different colors and patterns are commonly used in a theatre manufacturing, as different scenes require different moods and configurations. As an example, a gloomy picture requires a dark foundation and a happy landscape requires a colorful and festive one. On the other hand, in movie production, muslin is usually used as greenscreen or bluescreen to create aesthetic effects. Surprisingly, the fabric may also be used to make good dresses also it takes on an important role in the fashion industry as many designers buy it to make their best clothes. The fabric is ideal for hot, dry climates because it is very light and cut.

Generally, muslin backdrops do not last long and lifespan depends upon how and where they are used. However, they are extremely easy to maintain. Not all of them can be washed and those that may be washed are usually the ones that are dyed and come with solid background. Wash the backdrops regularly but not too often otherwise you will damage them. Some of them are the machine-washable, also to clean them, you must choose a moderate detergent and set your washing machine to sensitive or gentle cycle. When the ones you have are not machine cleanable, use a soft scrub clean to clean them. When there are particular spots that might be dirtier than all of those other backdrop, apply lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent to wash those spots. Never use severe detergent as it can damage the fabric. Given that most cotton fabrics are likely to wrinkle easily, do not dry the muslin backdrops utilizing a dryer. Instead, hang them over a collection as this will allow the wrinkles to drop out. When they are dried out, do not roll or fold the setting otherwise it will wrinkle even more.

As mentioned earlier, muslin can even be used for photography backdrops. Although it is more expensive than papers, muslin is also light weight and even more durable. Photography backdrops are a really essential component of photography as they can turn ordinary snapshots into amazing photographs. Thus, they should have features that will assist the photographs stand out. Backdrops also needs to provide a solid background to a photograph, yet at the same time give color, dimension and unique elements to the picture. As a matter of fact, muslin photography backdrops have more dimensions than backdrops made from other materials such as paper, especially the ones that come with marbled colors. The backdrops are therefore very common to be found in any image studio and they function various purposes. Photo galleries normally have several muslin backdrops of various colors and patterns, and you could choose the background that suits your style and need. Photographers will normally help people in choosing the appropriate background that goes with their clothes or their purpose. For instance, when you have worn dark clothes, the history needs to have bright or gentle colors. Passport photographs, on the other hand, should have neutral solid color such as white or off-white.