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The effect is that he's confiding in the most intimate ways about his art. He paid a price for that art. The Salt of the Earth, directed jointly by Wenders and Salgado's son Juliano, takes pains to explain how Salgado became the world's foremost "social" photographer: schooled in economics, fleeing Brazil's dictatorship, making it his life's work to chronicle the great horrors of our age genocide in Rwanda, war in Bosnia, the displacement of whole populations. "We are a terrible species," he tells the camera, distraught at the modern-day Exoduses he has witnessed. The film would leave audiences distraught too, if the photographer didn't then experience a kind of Genesis, devoting 15 years to the planting of 2 million trees on a Brazilian wasteland wiped out by drought and overfarming ... If you would like to read more:

Student Photography Spotlight: Katie Bykowskis Body of Work

This week the Fringe is proud to publish the work of these burgeoning artists beginning with senior, Katie Bykowski. Katie Bykowski: Body of Work The project titled Body of Work, stemmed from my own curiosity of what recovery from my eating disorder meant to me. Though I have not acted on my negative thoughts for almost two years now, the fact I was still having these thoughts made me question if I actually beat my eating disorder. What does recovery from this disease mean? Then my interest began to shift outside of myself, and I wanted to know how others who are in the process of healing, considered themselves recovered defined their convalescing. If you would like to read more:

(The Denver Post | ) Through May 2: One of the more interesting aspects of Denver's biannual Month of Photography is the way the varied galleries come together. The museums are in, as are the smaller nonprofit spaces and college venues. So are commercial endeavors, like Robischon Gallery, now exhibiting a group show of names familiar and new. "Far Between" features regulars Halim Al Karim and David Zimmer and is rounded out by talents from near and far, like Chi Peng, Wang Ningde, Christine Buchsbaum and the duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. The theme invites artists to present images of "a surreal, fantastical or ethereal nature," and it plays out like a frozen moment of mystical cinema. If you would like to read more:

Miroslav Ondricek, two-time Oscar nominated cinematographer, dies at 80 |

Czech public television announced Ondricek's death Sunday, citing his son David, also a filmmaker. No cause was given. Ondricek was behind the camera in some 40 movies but was best known abroad for his cooperation with his friend, director Milos Forman, who settled in the United States after the 1968 Soviet-led invasion crushed the Prague Spring's liberal reforms in Czechoslovakia. His work on Forman's "Ragtime" and "Amadeus," which examined the relationship between Mozart and rival composer Antonio Salieri, earned him Oscar nominations. If you would like to read more:

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He was nominated twice for an Academy Awardin the Cinematography category, for Ragtime andAmadeusboth of which he made with his often-collaborator, director Milos Forman. The two are cited as instrumental figures in the Czech New Wave .He received the International Achievement award from the American Society of Cinematographers in 2004. Czech public television announced his death Sunday, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Ondricek issurvived by his son, David.A cause of death was not given. If you would like to read more: